Eastpointe man busted for luring children online for sex

A 23-year-old Eastpointe man has been charged with seeking underage girls for sex.

Macomb County Sheriffs say 23-year-old Daryl Johnson put an ad on social media seeking to have sexual intercourse with underage children.

"He wanted to have sex and he named specific acts that he wanted to do with an underage female," said Sgt. Renee Yax, Macomb County Sheriff's Office. "This female would have been around the age of middle school."

That would be anywhere from 10 to 14 years old. 

"There is a lot of slang terms these people use to make it seem they are not looking for that," Yax said. "Our detectives are trained in that and they know. So today our cops are trained and once they start a conversation with this person, they know what they're looking for."

And what was the guy going to give to have sex with these teens? Drugs. And it didn't take long to be arrested.

"These suspects want instant gratification," Yax said. "This ad was found on January 18th and he was arrested on the 19th. So it was very quickly.

"Our MACE detectives, that's Macomb Area Computer Enforcement Team are always on the lookout for that."

And when he was arrested in a parking lot, condoms were found on him. The undercover police set up a meeting in a parking lot before arresting him.

What can we learn from this incident, which Sgt. Yax says is common, is communication with our children.

"Just make sure you are aware of what your children are doing on the computer," Yax said. "Monitor the sites they are going to, know where they are going to. Know the people they are talking to and sit down and have a talk with kids about internet safety and about strangers."

Johnson is in the Macomb County Jail on $100,000 bond and he'll be in court in February.