Ecorse police name suspect in shooting of young father

Ecorse Police tell FOX 2 they have a break in the case of a 21-year-old father who was murdered last month.

Police say they are looking for Jermaine Pritchett in connection with the fatal shooting of Kevin Simmons on May 16. The shooting happened near Hyacinthe and 7th streets.

Police say the shooting happened after a fight got out of hand. Police aren't sure what Simmons and Pritchett were fighting over, but we're told Pritchett left and came back with a gun and shot Simmons, who stood in the way of a family member.

"Kevin pushed his little brother away to protect him and got shot in the back of the head," says Ecorse Police Detective Sgt. Bill McCaig. "He absolutely saved his life. He was a hero."

Police believe Pritchett is in the area hiding out. He is known to stay with family and has lots of relatives in Ecorse.

"We know for a fact, it's either his mother or his grandparents or somebody, are protecting this kid. We know that for a fact," says McCaig. "If that's the case, then we're going to charge you as well."

Police say Simmons acted bravely, even after taking up the fight - never bringing guns into the fray.

"I've talked to Mr. and Mrs. Simmons several times; they're heartbroken," says McCaig. "The kid was a pretty good kid. His dad taught him never to carry a gun. If you had a problem - like we would do when we were younger - it was more settled with fists than guns and, unfortunately, his was settled with a gun."

If you have any information about Pritchett's location, you're asked to contact Ecorse Police.