Ecorse seniors targeted in car break-ins

Someone's targeting senior citizens in one Wayne County community.

But police say they'll soon have the evidence they need to catch up to the suspect.

"I came down and yep they got me," said Deborah Cooper.

It's not the way Cooper was hoping to start her week.

"A bunch of cowards why would you hit a senior building," she said.

A braisen bandit struck the Ecorse Independent living Senior Center on Ninth Street early Monday morning. The suspect broke out windows out of about 12 vehicles, stealing whatever they could grab inside.

"When I walked past my car rhe hood was popped open they probably took everything under there the passenger side window completely broke out," Cooper said. "When I looked in my dash board was pulled out. I guess they got my stereo system."

The thief did that despite the fact Cooper even has two clubs locked on her SUV.

Ecorse police responded in the morning.

As they wait to get their hands on the surveillance video - investigators say they beleive they know who is responsible. there have been several breakins in the area recently and it's belived the same juvenile committed these crimes.

Residents like elaine ford are frustrated.

"We seniors we work hard over the years, she said.  "So when it get to our retirement we just want to live in peace ya knw without people stealing from us robbing us or anything."

She showed us pictures of about a half a dozen vehicles that were hit in the parking lot overnight. the seniors may have insurance - but in many cases can't afford the deductible.

Police want to remind people to lock their doors and keep any valuables in your car out of plain sight.