Elderly blind woman begging for help as she sleeps on her floor because her roof is caving in

A Highland Park woman is in desperate need of a new roof.

The situation is so dire that Saundra Phelps Covington is sleeping on the floor because it's raining in her bedroom.

Her roof is literally caving in on the house.

"I'm just tired. I can't take it.", says Saundra.

Unable to hold back her tears, the 67-year-old woman says she feels like giving up since she is unable to sleep in her own bed.

"When it isn't raining I put plastic on the bed. (When it is raining?) I sleep on the floor"

The roof on her Connecticut Street home is falling apart.

Saundra, who suffers from several health conditions is also blind. She tells Fox 2 she appreciates the help from her family.

"It's hard. I can't do anything for myself. They have to help me cook, clean, wash up."

Saundra says her monthly income is only $700. She says she spent months to save up $1,500 for basement repairs then she says  she was ripped off.

"I have to pay light and gas and water and I really don't have that much left."

Her ceiling is caving in downstairs and water drips inside the house.

"Oh man, it is terrible. Go upstairs. You'll see."

When you see the outside of the home you understand why Saundra is afraid of the next heavy rainfall.

"It's raining,  like it's raining in here!"

She has placed buckets throughout the upstairs bedrooms holding water from the last rainfall in each room.

"I got plastic on there and a bucket."

Saundra says she is not one to usually ask for help, but now she is hoping someone out there can spare some time or materials or even a few dollars.

"I hope I get some help. Lord, help me."