Elderly man attacked in own driveway, dies from injuries

Edwardian Dion Davidson, 46, was arrested for the attacks. His charges are expected to now include murder.

An 89-year-old man who police say was attacked and robbed in his own driveway has died from his injuries, and the man police say is responsible could now be charged with murder.

Police told FOX 2 News on Monday that Frank Bogucki, 89, had died from his injuries after being attacked during a robbery at his home.

Bogucki was attacked while getting out of his car in the driveway of his home on Thursday, November 5. According to police, he was hit in the head several times with a hammer. Police said after Bogucki was knocked down, the man then stole the purse off a woman in the car with Bogucki before leaving on foot. She was not seriously hurt.

Police arrested Edwardian Dion Davidson, 46, for the crimes. He was charged last week with home invasion, two counts of robbery, and four charges of assault. His charges are expected to include second degree murder after Bogucki's death.

According to police, the attack on Bogucki was part of a string of robberies of elderly men and women in their driveways:

- October 26: a 72-year old woman was robbed while walking into her house. Police said the man stole her purse, with $130 inside it, off her shoulder.

- October 28: a 79-year old woman and a 55-year old pulled into the driveway when someone opened the front passenger door, assaulted the 79-year- old and stole her purse from the floorboard. The 55-year-old was also assaulted by the suspect at the rear of the vehicle. Police said the suspect made off with $1,100 plus credit cards, driver's license, and a social security card.

- October 29: an 80-year old was in her garage getting out of her car  when she heard a noise. She said the suspect had stolen her purse from inside the car. When she confronted him, he threatened to punch her. He ran off with $300 in cash plus a checkbook and a bank card.

A week later, Bogucki was attacked. It's unknown how much property he made off with in that attack.

He was charged last week and his bond was set at $2 million.

Davidson was just released from prison on September 26. According Michigan Department of Corrections, Davidson was paroled after serving time for unarmed robbery, escape from prison, assault with a dangerous weapon, and attempted kidnapping.