Elderly woman shot while in bed on Detroit's east side

An elderly woman becomes the latest victim of gun violence in a Detroit neighborhood where there has already been several shootings on this one block just this week.

That woman is expected to be okay, she's recovering at a nearby hospital after someone shot her in the leg. The shattered glass from the security door  and window are signs of the unprompted violence that disrupted a Detroit family

"Someone knocks on the door," said Dep. Chief Renee Hall, Detroit police. "Before anyone can get to the door, they started firing several shots."

And before the smoke cleared, a 74-year-old woman was struck in the leg.

Hall says she was lying in her bed when the shots rang out at about 6 p.m. Thursday. It happened on Beaconsfield near Yorkshire on Detroit's east side.

It is unclear why this home was targeted.

"We are investigating several different leads that we think could be connected," Hall said. "But there is no one in the home who's involved in any criminal activity. They are law-abiding citizens, a good family."

And they're not the only family in this neighborhood to be touched by gun violence.

There were three other shootings within two blocks of one another between Friday and Monday nights.

"We're investigating to see if they're all connected in some kind of way," Hall said, adding the public's help is important. "We're asking the citizens for their help. We need to know if you've seen something, if you know something, please contact the Detroit Police Department.

"Lives are being lost and people are being injured and we just need to know who's responsible for this so we can bring them to justice."

Detroit police says it is stepping up special ops activity and regular patrols in this area. If you have any information about these shootings please call DPD at (313) 596-5200.