Emagine Theatres owner believes business will build back over next 6 to 8 months

Casinos, movie theaters, and bowling alleys can all reopen their doors starting Monday after the State lifted some of its COVID restrictions last week 

"Being back in business in time for the holidays even if it’s not profitable, it is still really important for us," said Paul Glantz. 

The owner of Emagine Theaters not reopening his doors right away but instead using Monday and Tuesday to deep clean his theaters and communicate with his employees. 

"(We'll be) refreshing our teammates on all safety protocols," he said. 

And when doors reopen Wednesday, safety will be priority number one from mask-wearing to social distancing. 

"We’ll set up the software so you’re at least 7 feet apart from unaffiliated parties," Glantz said.

But leave your cravings for popcorn and other snacks at home because concession stands must remain closed under pandemic preventative orders.

"We’re looking at this as a glass half full," Glantz said. "Getting our guests back in and getting to serve them, is paramount to us," he said.

The reopening of Michigan theaters comes as this business owner’s theater in Wisconsin reopened for business back in the summer. 

"We have a theater in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and we’ve been opened there including concessions since June 1st," Glantz said. "So there have been inconsistencies In the way these policies have been rolled out across the country."

But for Glantz, the bigger picture is what lies ahead. 

As doors set to reopen this week the owner of this theater chain doesn’t believe business will bounce back all at once. 

"We are going to have a ramp-up period where folks realize it’s safe and tell their friends," Glantz said. "I see our business building back slowly back steady for the next six to eight months."