Emergency patch repairs on I-75 continue Tuesday

MDOT is continuing emergency repairs on I-75 Tuesday to fill massive potholes after the big freeze and thaw.

At least 25 drivers damaged their tires Monday afternoon on the northbound side between 12 Mile and Square Lake Road, and had to pull off the road. 

Temperatures were extremely frigid Monday, with all of southeast Michigan in the negative digits early in the morning. 

"Normally in January, you have winter that stays winter so the temperature stays cold all the time and any ice under the roadway just stays as ice. When we get the warming, the extreme, that ice melts and it collapses," MDOT spokesperson Dianne Cross explained. 

The work happening right now is a temporary fix so the road can be passable. The work on a more permanent fix will come this spring. 

It's unknown yet if they'll be back out on Wednesday but Cross said they'll keep an eye on the potholes to make sure every lane is safe to drive on.