Employee, customers' racial war of words at Dearborn Walmart caught on camera

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A heated exchange was caught on camera between two shoppers and an employee at the Dearborn Walmart last Wednesday. 

It all started when a woman and her friend used the dressing room after hours. They say they had no clue it was closed. 

"She's like, 'What are you doing here?'" one of the shoppers said. "Then I replied to her I am just waiting for my friend, she's in the fitting room. She said where. I showed her what door, which is the first door. She then went and banged on the door."

This woman, who did not want to be identified, says the Walmart employee told her friend to leave the dressing room. Then came the war of words.

"After that she just started dancing and saying Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald trump. I am like why would she say Donald Trump, is she trying to tick me off?"

And racial slurs soon followed. 

"People are saying that this is one of the worst Walmarts in Dearborn, that they witness every single day every time they go."

But the vitriol does not appear to be one-sided.

Both shoppers are Arab-American Muslims. One of them can be heard saying something about hair weaves and eating collard greens to the African-American Walmart employee. 

The woman we talked with says her friend made those remarks. She claims to have received death threats after the video was posted on Facebook.

"We're all equal. Everybody's living day by day in this world," the shopper said. "It is 2018. It doesn't matter where you come from, who you are, what background you come from. We're all one.  We are all human beings."

The video shown was edited. The woman FOX 2 spoke with says she may release the full version of it after consulting with her lawyer. 

Walmart says the worker in the video has been fired, and what happened at the store is a situation that won't be tolerated.