Empty lots in Warren available to qualified residents for $1

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Warren Mayor Jim Fouts calling it a win-win for both the city and some of its residents.

Vacant lots are on sale for just $1. Starting now, dozens of properties are for sale for just a dollar in Warren.

Mayor Jim Fouts is announcing the sale of 59 properties so far in the city and many more just came available. But to get one, you have to meet certain criteria.

"We are offering them to an adjacent homeowner as long as he or she has paid the water bill and has updated payment for the taxes," Fouts said.

As long as you meet the qualifications, you could be eligible for a small strip of land like this. The mayor says hundreds of warren homes are next to the plots that could easily increase home values.

"Most of them are 30 to 40-foot lots, you couldn't build a home on them," he said.

Many of the properties next to the lots are rentals with landlords hoping to widen their yards. Also, hoping for better law care.

"We've been here for about 3 1/2 to 4 years, we do use it, but we have to keep it up, I cut it keep the weeds down," said Lasalle Nietubitz.

On top of helping home values, the dollar sales could help beautify neighborhoods.

"When it gets real bad, I try to call in the city but it takes about two three weeks so I end up cutting it any way," Nietubitz said.

Mayor Fouts suggests possible uses.

"For the homeowner, they have a chance to have an extra lot to either have some crops or even a small garage, or whatever they want to do with it," Fouts said.

If you believe you're eligible for a strip of land near you, just call the mayor's office at (586) 574-4520.