Empty stadium, no tailgating, more police are just a few Tigers Opening Day changes Monday

"This would have been my seventh home opener that I would have been to in a row," said Hunter Chamberlain.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hunter Chamberlain will not be at Comerica Park Monday for the Tigers' home opener game.

"There will be no additional fan events, the stadium will be closed," said Capt. Jevon Johnson, Detroit police.

Detroit Police realize some fans will come downtown to celebrate but streets around the ballpark will be closed to vehicle traffic. Parking will be limited around the ballpark for security reasons - and you will see a larger police presence.
"We will have some extra patrols and we will enforce what we have to enforce," Johnson said.

That means no tailgating. 

"There is no allowance for tailgating," Johnson said. "Tailgating is illegal. You cannot drink in a parking lot. But especially in times like these, we will be heavily enforcing that."

As the fight to limit the spread of COVID-19 continues, officers will monitor people to enforce safety protocols.

"We have to be safe, so we need people to maintain their social distancing, bring their mask as well as wash their hands frequently," Johnson said.

Detroit police say the key to safety and having fun is based on partnerships and that includes businesses doing their part.
"The businesses have been told that they have to enforce social distancing policy," Johnson said.

And mask-wearing of people inside their bars and restaurants when they are not eating or drinking.
"We provide security, a mask upon entry and social distancing," said Mohammad Elmardi, Brass Rail Pizza Bar.

Restaurants and bars must also limit the number of patrons inside to keep people safe. Elmardi said his pizza bar is also using enhanced cleaning.