End of an era - Gibraltar Trade Center closes Sunday

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For many this weekend means a bittersweet shopping trip to Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens.

But after Sunday the iconic weekend public market closes its doors for good.  Officials say the entire property was sold and that means vendors will have to find someplace else to do business 

"I've been coming here for the whole time it’s been open from when I was a little girl," said Stephanie Ruthenberg. "The prices are incredible that's why we would come here."

"I've been here from the beginning since it opened," said Tony Sargente. "Since it was Mount Clemens Raceway."

Some vendors believe the closing of this market is not a good sign for the future of small business.

"People from all over come looking to Michigan for this beautiful public market," said vendor Norman Mandwee. "From Canada, different states even Germany.

"We should encourage small business not chase small business out. Many will be out of jobs, out of business."

Vendors say the closing is difficult because the trade center was more than a business in fact they say it felt more like family.

Our kids know each other, families know each other," said vendor Farah Rama. "It's a community. It's more than a business relationship."

And as shoppers and vendors try to remember the good times and the friendships they've made over the years, they say it's a harsh reality that the lights in this market are fading to black.

"It's dark in there now...just a little sad," Ruthenberg said.

"You feel like a part of you is gone," said Rama. "It's sad."