Estranged husband faces double shooting victims in court

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He's charged with shooting his estranged wife and her boyfriend -- more than three months ago.

Both victims survived and Wednesday, they both faced Michael Quigley in court. They testified against him and spoke about what happened back in November.

"Every time I screamed there was blood squirting out of the side of my head," said Stephanie Quigley. "He grabbed at the collar of my hoodie and said come with me. I said no and I guess I got shot."

The incident happened on Nov. 14, just one week after filing for divorce from Michael Quigley. 

Stephanie Quigley spoke about how he came forcefully back into her life. Stephanie was babysitting for a man named Ryan Sharp and was at his apartment in Brandon Township when Michael knocked on the door. 

"He said, "'Well hello!' Like a monster."

She says he forced his way inside shooting her and then turning his attention to Sharp. 

"The shot hit here," he said, motioning to his temple. "And I just remember blood squirting out into the floor and I grabbed my face."

Both were taken to the hospital while a manhunt for Quigley ensued. Schools were locked down for a day, until a Good Samaritan held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived. 
Meanwhile the victims focused on recovery from the horrific encounter. 

"I had to relearn how to walk," Stephanie said. "I had to learn how to swallow again."

A judge decided that there is enough evidence to bound Quigley over for trial charged with. attempted murder.