"Every hit, punch, shove and stab," psychologist recounts assault at attacker's sentence

In recounting his assault last October, a psychologist described being hit, punched, shoved and stabbed during a sentencing hearing on Monday.

"I have never until now been unfortunate enough to be a victim of such a rageful act of being hit, kicked, punched and stabbed and then being left to die," said Mel Hoberman in a court room.

Hoberman, who helps counsel others through traumatic experiences spoke to a judge, visitors and Emmanual Vaughn, the offender at the center of the crime.

"The feeling of powerlessness, sadness, being scared and thinking that my life was over will forever be a part of me," said Hoberman.

The psychologist was stabbed 16 times and rendered unconscious after being punched in the face. On the evening of the assault, his family contacted the police when they couldn't get in touch with the police. That's when first responders found him.

Originally charged with assault with intent to murder, as well as a host of other crimes, Vaughn instead was only found guilty of felonious assault. 

Also charged in the case was Jasmine Moore, a former client of Hoberman and girlfriend of Vaughn. Hoberman admitted to giving Moore money and buying her things. He claimed he was trying to help Moore through a difficult relationship with Vaughn.

"I do not deny that at times I have gone above and beyond to help others and this situation was one of them," Hoberman said. "I was concerned for a young woman and her children."

Speaking for Vaughn was his pastor. He asked for the sentence to be probation.

"Me, myself, I and my entire church is behind him and I personally will make sure and take responsibility for him," said Victor Sharpe of the St. John cathedral.

Vaughn's sentence is one to four years.