Everything you need for the perfect holiday brunch

So you're stuck at home during the pandemic. We're all doing our part to make it possible to see our families NEXT year by staying home THIS year. 

To say it's not ideal is being kind. But you can make the best of it and Chef Kelli brought some ideas to make your holiday brunch the best it's ever been.

Picnic Ham: take sliced ham and cut with a small round cutter, line egg white with ham before filling and garnish with a thin slice of cornichon pickle.

Shrimp:  garnish top with a half-butterflied shrimp and a sprig of dill 

Bacon & Cheddar: add a tablespoon bacon grease and two tablespoons finely grated cheddar to mayo mixture and garnish with a sprinkle of chopped bacon. 

Florentine: ¾ cup of spinach sauteed for a quick minute, drain spinach and press any extra liquid off, chop and mix into egg yolk mixture 

Smoked Salmon: place a thin slice of smoked salmon nested inside egg white, pipe filling and garnish with dill or minced chives.   

Other Trimmings:
• Smoked salmon is an easy go to 
• Bagels with smears 
• Room temperate meat platters such as turkey or ham 
• Juices, hot coco/coffee with fun trimmings