Ex-boyfriend killed after forcing way into home in search of ex-girlfriend

A homeowner shot and killed a woman's ex-boyfriend as he intruded into the home on Detroit's west side with the intent to kill, witnesses say.

"He out to kill. He didn't care," said a female resident, who did not wish to be identified. 

Police say a 20-year-old Hispanic man entered a home on Chopin Street on around 10 p.m. Tuesday without permission. The woman says she was inside the home when that man, carrying a gun, allegedly forced his way inside.

"He pushed my granddaughter, who answered the door. He literally shoved her," she said.

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This mother does not know the suspect's name but he was her daughter's ex-boyfriend.

"He was seeing my daughter but he beat her ... and she took off because he said he was going to kill her," she said.

Through her tears, the woman said the suspect pointed a gun at her and told her if she didn't call the daughter, he was going to kill her. But the man also allegedly pointed the gun at other family members.

"He shot at my son-in-law from what I understand. He shot at him twice," she said.

Police tell FOX 2 that their initial investigation shows the 39-year-old homeowner shot the man after he entered the home. At this point the homeowner is not in custody as police are investigating -- this as a likely case of self defense. 

"He had come with other guys ... and my son-in-law came out and said, 'you guys want something too?'" she said.

With her daughter still in hiding, the mother believes it's also time for the entire family to find another home.

"We're gonna to move," she said.