Ex-businessmen and former public officials appeared in court for Macomb Corruption case

Big players made appearances in court for a Macomb corruption trial that got underway Tuesday.

While many figures involved in a Washington Township bribery case were in attendance at the Federal Court in Port Huron, it's who wasn't there that became bigger news - more on that in a second.

The corruption case involves Faisel Khan, a Macomb County businessman who is accused of bribing public officials - something that Khan's defense attorney said they're not denying.

"Those facts are there and we're not contesting those facts," said James Thomas, the attorney. "What drove him to that position is what it is that makes the defense entrapment."

Khan admits to bribing Steve Hohensee, the late Washington Township official. That came after another Washington Official, Daniel O'Leary, wore a wire for the FBI, which recorded Khan giving him $10,000 in bribe money.

While on the stand, a former Khan assistant said the businessman bribed several local officials who haven't been charged with crimes. Thomas said she was lying - and that Khan was forced to make the payments. 

One of the people who hasn't been charged with a crime, but remains at the center of the investigation is former Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco. That news was revealed through testimony by an FBI agent, who said the former employee has been the fed's ultimate target when they launched the investigation into public corruption five years ago.

The last five years follows a winding road of corruption convictions which include the now infamous RIZZO ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES.

Among other officials that took the stand include O'Leary, the Washington Township supervisor who admitted he helped launch the wide-spread public corruption probe - his reason for wearing a wire. It's resulted in about two dozen convictions.