Ex-jeweler has new treasure quest with tickets in chocolate bars to win UP trip

Let us re-introduce you to Johnny Perri. He's the jeweler that wiped his store shelves clean during lockdown to bury $1 million in treasure.

"With the first lockdown it changed our lives, and it went from there," said Perri.

Ticket holders were given a set of clues to find the treasure buried all over the state. It's been a huge success for Johnny and his wife Amy. 

"Like if we try to go to the park for a walk, people always think there is treasure there," said his wife Amy Perri "They're like, 'Where is the treasure Johnny?'" 

Well, he's back at it again.

"I'm the Willy Wonka half-pirate guy," he said. "Ten people, ten lucky finders are going to open this up and they have a chance to find a silver ticket."

And that ticket is admission to a week-long quest to find $100,000 worth of buried gold and silver. 

"You will be flown over to Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula we will house you, dine you," Johnny said. "This is going to be the time of your life." 

They'll hand each team a set of clues and tools. It's hard to say what the odds are right now, but they're having 400,000 bars made to sell from a local chocolatier in Romeo.

The adventure starts now. 

"We want to change people's lives give something positive to the world," he said.

You can buy the bars online on Johnny's website, they start at $10 and cheaper if you buy more. And if you don't win, you at least have a delicious bar of locally made chocolate. 

To learn more: https://www.johnnystreasurequest.com/