Ex-Warren police official accused of threatening doctor from testifying against him

Fired Warren Police Cmdr. Arthur Gill is accused of assaulting a man and retaliating against another officer.

Now Gill could face even more charges - after apparently threatening a doctor.

"Once he became a witness for the prosecution he goes and tries to undermine him and scare him into not testifying," Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said.

Prosecutors say it all started back in 2014 when Gill, while responding to a call of shots fired from a BB gun at a home near Nine Mile and Hoover, began questioning the homeowner, Carlton Torres.

That's when, according to a lawsuit filed by Torres, the former cop punched Torres in the chest and knocked him to the ground.

Torres hit his head on the cement porch according to the complaint, since dismissed, Gill then grabbed Torres by the neck and arrested him for assaulting a police officer. Torres was never charged, and:

"The officers who were at the scene came forward and said their commander Gill was the one who initiated this contact and the one who struck the homeowner," Smith said. 

And then prosecutors say Gill got dirty, filing a false report to Child Protective Services accusing one of those officers of physically abusing his children.

"They go to the officer’s house because they think that this officer’s children are in danger and they found out that this was not the case and it was a false report," Smith said.

Gill initially charged with three misdemeanors of assault and battery, flinging a false report of a misdemeanor; and intentional filing a false report of child abuse.

The case is now roughly five years old.

"There's been a million motions from the defense a judge was taken off the case," Smith said.

Now more charges could come out of Oakland County as prosecutors said over the weekend, Gill showed up at a psychologists office in Birmingham and threatened the doctor, who is set to testify against him.

"Your reputation is going to be ruined if you don't go to court nothing good is going to come out of this," Smith said.

That psychologist alerted Warren police prosecutors then brought Gill in Tuesday for intimidating witnesses and violating his bond. Gill was ordered to undergo a competency exam and that's not all.

"The judge agreed with out bind of $1 million, which is really unusual on misdemeanor cases."

The trial is set to start Monday but now will be delayed again.