Expert explains plastic surgery facts and dangers

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Recently there has been a link made between a certain type of breast implant and a certain type of cancer.

"What we do know is there is a rare type of lymphoma that is related to a certain type of breast implant," said Dr. Anthony Yun. 

Yun says that there are two shells - a smooth shell implant and a textured shell implant. The textured implant is connected to complications - due to the bacteria on the surface can react with your inner tissue to create a very rare type of cancer.

Yun also talks about the "Brazilian Buttlift" and its dangers. Studies show it has the highest mortality rate in all of plastic surgery.

One in 3,000 die from getting fat injected into their butt, he said.

"The veins and the blood vessels in the buttocks are some of the largest in the body," Yun said. "When you are stuffing fat around them, they can actually penetrate those walls and go to the heart and the lungs - and cause people to die immediately."

Yun also talks about the very popular injectables. Watch the video to learn more.