Experts explains if the coronavirus is impacting the Big 3 auto industry

The coronavirus in China is affecting the auto industry here in the US.

Auto Analyst Jeff Gilbert says that, China is the largest auto market in the world, and the coronavirus has pretty much shut down about 80 percent of that business. And that's not good for U.S. auto makers. 

"That's a big deal for General Motors players in China and also a big deal for Ford and Fiat Chrysler because they want to be big players in China," said Gilbert, WWJ 950.

The World Health Organization states that over 2,600 people have died and more than 77,000 have been affected by the coronavirus, mostly in China - which affected auto company suppliers as well.

"A number of suppliers were closed for a long time in China -so they've had trouble re-opening which has caused assembly plants in Asia to shut down and a couple ones in Europe," Gilbert said.

Gilbert says those parts suppliers have not been a problem so far in the United States.

"Those parts are literally on a slow boat from China so it's going to take a while before we feel the impact if we do," he said.

And that head start that US auto makers have because of the coronavirus?

"They know how to deal with supplier disruptions," Gilbert said. "They are working with a big one right now.  It hasn't impacted us yet; we don't know if it will."

FOX 2: "Are you seeing American car companies like GM, Ford, Chrysler going to other markets because of the coronavirus?
"No, at this point everyone considers this a short term thing," he said. "It's a big deal, but it's a short term deal at this point."