Extreme weather means extra work for tow truck drivers

For a lot of workers, there's no such thing as a snow day -- or a cold day. For some, extreme weather means extra work, and that's epecially true if you're a tow truck driver.

Chaz and Corey with Great Lakes Trucking are veteran tow truck drivers who know how to prepare for this kind of weather.

"Gotta get warm clothes on and try to stay out of the wind as much as you can," they said.

It's the wind that can really freeze things up, bringing that wind chill into the minus teens.  

"I wear coveralls, I make sure I'm bundled, make sure I stay warm," said Mark Yousif,  with PJP Auto Repair and Towing.

Chaz and Corey say this weather's fun for them, especially with the calls they get. 

"Main things are batteries, tires," Yousif said.

Add potholes and accidents too. But what about some advice for drivers, out there, who have to drive in this cold weather?

"Make sure you have good battery, good tires, make sure all the headlights work -- taillights, brake lights -- make sure all the washer fluid is full, good wipers, and be safe," Yousif said.

The tow truck drivers say that towing a car is no different in the winter than in the summer, the mechanics are the same. And because of the weather they are working a little more in the freezing cold, which means a better payday. But really do enjoy helping people.  

"I wouldn't want no other job."