Facebook post by woman who ran over fireworks ignites war of words

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A fireworks fiasco is under investigation in Roseville after an unsuspecting driver runs into a minefield that exploded under her car.

"Every year we spend a lot of money for the babies," said a resident.

Hundreds of dollars were blown away in the name of independence and what remains sits stacked on the curb on a side street. One of the used firework dispensers is a little worse for wear after being run over.

"Vroom, I (wondered if) she was fixing to stop," the resident said. "We are in the middle of the street. She didn't stop so we ran to the side and she kept going."

From his description it sounds malicious, but the driver tells FOX 2 another way this went down she says she had no idea the fireworks were lit.

"They weren't going off, there was a gentleman that went in the street and then he went back to the sidewalk," said the driver.

She said she thought the man was moving the fireworks, not lighting them.

"I wouldn't intentionally run over something that was going off if I had my kid in the car," she said.

The driver's child was in the car, dozens more were outside.

"My kids were out front," said neighbor Jody Nolan. "So I was more scared for them than anything."

"It fell, tilted to the side and all the fireworks were shooting everywhere," the homeowner said. "So the kids and everyone took off running because no one wanted to get hurt."

One neighbor described the car dragging the fireworks with it while they were shooting out from underneath it. One house nearby shows where a firework hit the window and exploded.  It happened just above a sign which reads a combat veteran lives here be courteous with the fireworks.

"As I was turning I heard whoosh, whoosh, whoosh," the driver said.

And that's where it ended, with no one hurt and no police report - until the driver took to social media with a post admitting to running over the fireworks and asking for some consideration while taking joy in disturbing her neighbors.

This post which she claims was a joke blew up like a firework all its own.

"I wrote the post like an a-hole because I didn't think it was public," she said. "I just wrote something that my friends would get a kick out of."

While most chastised her actions, others pointed out that setting fireworks off in the street is illegal. Police are aware and say there is no investigation at this time asking people to use extra caution during this time of year to avoid a situation like this in the future.