Facebook posts, therapist, offer insight into mind of teen linked to murder

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Over the past year, Eevette Macdonald posted to Facebook like nothing ever happened, pictures, singing, and dancing. But all along, prosecutors say she was hiding a troubling secret. It's alleged she helped her then-boyfriend Andrew Fiacco cover up a murder, dismembering and burying the body.

Earlier this month, Macdonald posted, "Someone finally said it, men will destroy a female beyond their breaking point and she'll still be willing to fix it and hold him down." She also posted, "I'm sorry for the person I became. I'm sorry it took so long for me to change."

Another post reads, "It is possible that it had been such a long time as well, that it didn't even seem real anymore."

Fox 2 spoke with a therapist, who believes she may have been able to compartmentalize the traumatic event.

"I don't think that it can be ruled out that there was some control or power in this relationship that led her to believe she didn't have choice," said Tracey Stein, a clinical psychotherapist.

"She [Macdonald] is not even fully formed completely and so to be accepted to be loved could have felt conditional for her helping him," Stein said.

Investigators say Fiacco drove Mcafee to a vacant lot in Bruce Twp. In March of 2016, and killed him.

A month later, authorities say Fiacco had Macdonald help him dismember the body and bury the parts in two separate locations.

For months Macdonald would go silent on social media, not posting again until October, and then appearing to go on like nothing happened.

"A person that is able to do that, yes, practiced at it. Not to say she has done this before, but having certain aspects of her life that she doesn't integrate into the rest of them," Stein says.

Investigators tell us Macdonald confided in a friend last month. That friend came forward to police, which led to the arrest of Macdonald and Fiacco. The two suspects then led police to Mcafee's remains in Ray Twp.

Macdonald is out on bond. Fiacco remains behind bars, charged with murder.