Fallen first responders honored at memorial in Hines Park

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Wayne county honored fallen first responders at a memorial ceremony Tuesday in Hines Park.

"He fought a good fight, he is truly what we call one of Detroit's finest," read Justice Kurtis Wilder, Michigan Supreme Court about one of the heroes.

Those words could be used to describe any one of the 10 heroes whose names will be permanently memorialized there, at the corner of Hines Drive and Haggerty Road in Plymouth Township.  

"Officer Donald Kimbrough, end of watch December 7th 2017, Detroit Police Department," read one of the presenters.

Other Detroit police officers - Kevin Miller, Kenneth Style, Myron Jarrett, Glenn Doss Jr, Darren Weathers and Wayne State University police 
Officer Collin Rose.

Also honored were fallen Detroit Fire Fighters - Vincent Smith, Walter Szelag and Kevin Ramsey.  

The first responders Memorial now contains the names of 4,17 fallen first responders, which includes these 10 new names.