Families demand answers after more remains found at funeral home

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The remains of 63 Fetuses discovered Friday at the Perry Funeral Home is raising a lot of questions with women who trusted the funeral home on Trumbull on Detroit’s west side to properly take care of their stillborn remains. 

Detroit police raided Perry Funeral Home Friday after learning about a civil suit against the business for mishandling infant remains. 

Kandishann Powell is just one of many mothers concerned about her stillborn’s remains. 

“Just hearing the story, like it doesn’t sit right with me on the situation, how come I never got to see her again, how come I wasn’t able to say my farewells, goodbyes, why don’t I have paperwork?” 

Of the 63 fetus remains discovered during the raid, half of them were discovered in a freezer and the other half were discovered in a cardboard box. 

Devisha Dellihue is also concerned that her stillborn child may be at Perry Funeral Home.

“When I seen it on the news, I said well I think my daughter may have been one of those fetuses they found because, you just know,” Devisha Dellihue said. 

“I just want justice for my daughter to know if she’s there or if she’s here and to be honest with you those people deserve whatever comes their way because that’s something we’ll never be able to get back,” Powell said.

“It hurts to know that my feelings might be real that might have been my daughter that was found in there because I wouldn’t know because they just gave me ashes because I got her cremated,” Dillihue explained. 

This all coming up after the investigation into the former Cantrell Funeral home last week where investigators found 11 fetus remains.