Families evacuated by Fraser sinkhole return home

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Some families in Fraser have finally been allowed to return home weeks after a massive sinkhole forced them to leave.

Crews still working around the clock to repair the sinkhole and there's no telling how long it will take to finish fixing.

"We're dealing with it that's all you can do," said Mike Racine.

Racine is returning back to his home on Eberlein Street -- along with 18 other families -- after being evacuated Christmas Eve due to a giant sinkhole.

He and his family say Monday they're relieved to be home but feel sorry for the families of three homes who can't return becase those homes are now condemned.

"I's horrible what happened to those that lose their home like that and then insurance won't cover it either so that's really sad," he said.

After a state of emergency was declared, Gov. Rick Snyder, Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel and Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller Sunday traveled to Fraser to assess the damage.

The damage is due to a partially collapsed sewer line roughly 45 feet underground at 15 Mile and Hayes.

Since then, emergency crews have been working around the clock.

"We're gonna be stuck with this for the next year. The only thing I would complain about perse is the smell," Racine said.

Other neighbors are complaining of the constant noise.

"Normal will be changed for a little while but the families will be able to be at home," said Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols.

A similar sinkhole in this area cost about $53 million to repair back in 2004 and those repairs took about 10 months.

Nichols anticipates the time and money spent on this incident to be at least that, but notes this project is moving along quickly so far.

The mayor is planning to hold a meeting at Fraser City Hall, asking Clinton Township neighbors affected to join as well.

He plans to update everyone, and include ways city, county and state officials are working to get those families permanently displaced the assistance they so desperately need.

The meeting to update everyone on the repairs and progress of the project will be here at Fraser City Hall at 6 p.m. Monday.