Families of 2 teens hit and killed by suspected drunk driver want justice

Two mothers whose love for their sons is unrelenting, just like their pursuit of the truth.

"You will never get away with killing my child," said Cherice Allie. 

"I want him to admit the truth to my face," said Natasha Hart.

Finally for them, a sense of relief. Less than a week after the Detroit mothers told their story on FOX 2, charges finally were filed against the man accused of killing their sons, 30-year-old Raynard Harris.

"It gives me peace to know our story has been heard," said Allie.

Harris arraigned on two counts of reckless driving causing death and two counts of driving on a suspended license causing death this week in the horrific crash that killed 19-year-old Trey Taylor and 17-year-old Jaymink Allie-Johnson back in February.

Crash victim Trey Taylor

Crash victim Trey Taylor

Detroit police say, someone, now believed to be Harris, blew through a yield sign near Savage and Carrie streets on the city's east side and slammed into the SUV.  The teens were hit so hard - their SUV smashed into a vacant home.

Crash victim Jaymink Allie-Johnson

The mothers say witnesses reported the people in the car - including Harris, called someone to pick them up - and then claimed to be innocent bystanders. 

"That's cold-blooded. that's cold-blooded," Hart said.

"I really believe that's obstruction of justice. I want them to be charged also," Allie said.

The crash report showed Harris had likely been drinking. Harris' driving record shows a history of driving on a suspended license, failing to show a valid license, no proof of insurance, driving without insurance, and careless driving.

Suspect Raynard Harris.