Families remember loved ones lost at Roses on the River event in Detroit

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Crime Stoppers host the 2nd annual Roses on the River on Belle Isle Saturday.

A rose tossed into the Detroit River symbolizes a loved one lost.

“I look out into the crowd and realize we have a common the immense loss of a loved one that was taken so violently and tragically,” Roseanne Menendez said.

Roseanne Menendez says their family if proof of what the organization can do.

Her brother Randy Menendez was hit and killed crossing the street in Warren in February, the driver going 70 miles per hour, sped off.

“He mowed him down, no brake lights, no nothing gone,” Menendez said.

24 hours after their public plea alongside Crime Stoppers, and with good police work, the alleged driver was caught and charged.

“We don't put things off like we used to, we don't take things for granted anymore like we used to because you know you're not promised today so, it had a profound impact,” she said.

This inspiration is just what families with and without justice need.

“We know that God's going to reveal who did this and get justice for Douglas,” Gerald Miller said.

40 year old father of four Douglas Thorton was shot and killed during a home invasion on Detroit's west side just five months ago.

“He heard a noise, went downstairs to protect and he was shot and killed in his own home just trying to protect his family,” he said.

There aren't any strong leads in the case but until the Millers get answers, Crime Stoppers is a big part of their support network.

“It’s helped us through this tragic time and we thank god for them,” Miller said.

We say that Crime Stoppers 800 number often and it does work. We learned Saturday that since 2006 the tip line has received 33,000 calls.

Every call that comes in is anonymous.