Family attorney says Terrance Kellom shot in back, still waiting for autopsy

"This only adds to the feeling that people have that you're trying to create a scenario which allows you to come to the usual conclusion that the person who died created the conditions for their death," Scott said.

Kellom was shot and killed April 27th at a home on Evergreen as a fugitive task force arrived to arrest him for an armed robbery. Police say Kellom came at ICE officer Mitchell Quinn with a hammer. Quinn has maintained that he was in fear of his life and says he was forced to shoot him.

Karri Mitchell represents the family and is still trying to figure out why the officers took this action.

"If you're Quinn and you're the deceased and I have a hammer in my hand and there's two trained officers behind me and I'm coming at you with a hammer, just grab my arm, tackle me," Mitchell said.

He said that there are bigger issues. He says when he looked at Kellom's body at the funeral, he saw several gunshot wounds, including one in his back.

Detroit police chief James Craig tells Fox 2 Friday that the totality of the autopsy report is more than one person's observation.

"We know when a person is shot several times that there could be wounds to the front, wounds to the back, it just depends," Craig said.

Mitchell says there were between 5-15 officers in the home during the shooting and he believes the investigation will "rise and fall on the integrity of those other officers". He also said he simply wants the truth so this family can begin to heal.

"It shouldn't take no more than a week for the prosecutor's office to make a determination as to what occurred in this matter. Either issue a warrant or don't issue a warrant," Mitchell said.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office says during its independent investigation, they cannot comment or give a specific timeline of how long it will take.