Family Dollar store held up again by same 2 men in string of robberies

Police say two men responsible for a string of Family Dollar store robberies have struck again.

Customers inside during the robbery on Saturday say two unmasked men held up the store at gunpoint, demanding cash, and scaring a lot of people.

"I wasn't necessarily scared for myself, I just did what I needed to do, which is call 911," said Harold Wilcox, who witnessed the robbery.

Wilcox was inside the Family Dollar on Grand River near Lahser, when he noticed two men in plain clothing, approaching the registers.

"One of them was a customer and one of them made his way behind the counter next to the cashier, demanding her to open the register," he said.

The unmasked men, blatantly showing their faces to surveillance cameras, appear to be the same two men who may have held up three other Family Dollar stores on four occasions in the past two weeks on Detroit's west side.

Their faces are shown in surveillance images from previous robberies. Police said the footage in this latest robbery appears to show the same men.

The Family Dollar on Grand River robbed Saturday was closed for the day as police collected evidence and viewed the most recent surveillance footage.

They are not releasing it yet, but say the suspects appear to be the same men responsible for a rash of Family Dollar armed robberies.

FOX 2 will keep you informed as we receive information from police.