Family hopeful in finding child's wheelchair thrown from stolen vehicle

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A family from Roseville lost two vital forms of transportation a van and a custom wheelchair for a 7-year-old boy.

In both cases, they have a good idea who has them, they just need some help getting them back.

Nathan, at just 4 ½ months old suffered a traumatic brain injury that led to a host of other problems. Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy but as family’s do this one made adjustments and made progress.

"He's had a rough go and he's doing really wonderful and his wheelchair was how he got around," Nathan’s mom Lisa Major said. 

Until Saturday when they discovered their silver 2014 Chrysler Town and Country was stolen from their driveway.

"Then we realized my son's customized wheelchair was in the back.  It’s very expensive, that’s how he goes on the bus, that’s how we take him places and it's gone."

It took 4 months to build that chair and cost $7500.

"It's fit for his body and to keep him in a proper position and it's built to withstand a vehicle accident because he does use the chair for transportation."

With a neighbor’s ring doorbell the likely suspects are caught trying to open doors on other vehicles. Mom also took to social media in search of the stolen items. 

She found a woman who says she watched someone dump the wheelchair near 8 mile and mound in Detroit and called police.

"Before they got there a scrapper got it.  She ran over there and said police are coming for it but whether they didn't believe her or whatever the reason, the scrapper took it," she said.

Now she is pleading with that person to give the chair back.

"I know everyone can be desperate and make bad decisions but that doesn't mean you can't turn around and correct it and make it right," she said.

She’d hopeful the police can catch the people responsible for stealing her van.

There is some good news to come out of all this. The mother says the company ‘Binson’s Medical Supplies’ has offered to give Nathan a Temporary wheelchair until the stolen one is recovered.

If you have any information related to the individual who stole the vehicle please contact Roseville Police Department at 586-775-2100.