Family of 11-year-old boy hit and killed by car needs help burying him

Eleven-year-old Blake Smith was hit and killed by a driver Tuesday morning in Van Buren Township. His family is still in shock from the tragedy.

"We just went and bought all the new school clothes for him," said his uncle, William Stone. "Nothing like this has ever happened to the family so we are just trying to get it together."  

Blake, his 6-year-old sister and mom, were not far from home when their car stalled out in the road.  They all got out – and that’s when a car hit mom and sister, knocking mom unconscious.  

Panicked, Blake ran across Michigan Avenue near Denton Road and was hit by a truck. Blake died right there.

"Blake went to run across the street for help and a truck struck him," Stone said.  

Both drivers involved stopped – investigators are calling this all a terrible, tragic situation.  

A family lost this little boy who loved video games and motorcycles. Now they are struggling to come up with the money to bury him. 

Blake Smith

Blake Smith

"None of us have any money and this is the first time anything like this has happened to the family," Stone said. "So, we were  not prepared. We just need help."  

Blake’s mom has injuries on her face, and his little sister has broken ribs, and bruises all over - but, they will be okay physically.  

"We are family we will just be there for each other," he said.  

If you want to help this family during this horrible time, the GoFundMe page is HERE.