Family of elderly Detroit man shot to death asks public for help

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An elderly detroit man is murdered in his home and a month later - the killer is still out there.

Now the family 76-year-old Robert Peterson can't stop asking why

"It's just a state of shock," said Lamarr Williams, the victim's nephew. "He never bothered anyone. He kept to himself. All he tried to do is help people he came in contact with."

On May 17th, investigators say Peterson was found shot and killed inside the house he has called home for more than 40 years.

"We're not sure if it was a home invasion or just made to look like a home invasion," Williams said.

Family members say Peterson always opened his home to those in need.

"We were all going through different things, strife, trials and tribulations at one point," said Lisa Solomon, his niece. "He never closed the door to anyone. He was always very welcoming."

Peterson's wife, Dorothy, still can't believe he's gone.

"Whoever did this I hope justice can be done," said Dorothy Peterson, his wife. "I can't believe it. I'm still in shock."

Peterson's family says he started his career as a background singer at Motown. But he had to put his musical passion aside to raise his family. After retirement, he started to sing again.

"The singing group was called The Volumes and they were touring all over," Williams said. "And one of the members spoke at the funeral and said one of the stations in London dedicated their entire show to him on that day."

But that musical passion came to a tragic end. Police say they are still investigating this case and now those Peterson left behind are hoping anyone who knows something about his murder will speak up.

"If anyone knows anything no matter how insignificant it might seem, please come forward," said Delane Williams, Peterson's sister in law. "Because that might be the tip that police need to bring closure to this case to the family."

Anyone with information should call Detroit police at (313) 596-5200 or Crime Stoppers where they may remain anonymous at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.