Family of murdered man they found in Detroit woods wants justice

A body was found in a wooded area on Detroit's west side Wednesday. Today we learned that a missing man's own family found his remains.

"She was out searching with us every day, fields and buildings and everything," said Teresa, the victim's sister-in-law. "She was the one who second verified it was a body."

The family set up candles and balloons to mark the spot near where they found Donnie Keens dead.  Detroit police are calling it a homicide.

The pain is unimaginable for a family - first to not know where a loved one is for days and then eventually find him wrapped in a tarp.

"We had to wait and wait to know that it was him," said Teresa,

FOX 2 was there Wednesday at Leigh and Melville while Teresa and the rest of Donnie Keens' family waited for some of the worst news of their lives. The body they found here was in fact the 45-year-old loved one they had been searching for.

"He would give you the shirt off his back and he was the nicest guy ever," Teresa said. "That's what we don't understand - Donnie didn't deserve this. He would do anything for anyone."

Teresa says the last time anyone saw Donnie alive was the night of his birthday on Sept. 12. 

"We thought he was out bowling or something, doing something fun for his birthday, we didn't know," Teresa said. "But then Saturday and Sunday came. We bowl every Sunday and he didn't show up for bowling. He never misses bowling. That's when we knew and started searching."

The search for Donnie would lead them to his body, the search for answers is now their top priority.

"He wasn't a guy of conflict either," said Kimberly, Donnie's niece. "If anybody tried to start trouble with him, he would back down. He wouldn't engage in conflict or anything like that. That is something which doesn't make sense to us either."

The family is asking for help burying him the way he deserves- and have set up a GoFundMe page. CLICK HERE to donate.