Family of Taylor hit and run victim want driver to turn self in

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A Taylor man critically injured after being hit by a vehicle in a parking lot.

Syntrell Lamar is a father of four and remains hospitalized more than a week later while the person that hit him is in hiding. Family members are asking the driver to come forward.

"This has been the most difficult thing I have had to go through my entire life," said Cindy Lamar.

For a week now Cindy Lamar has been at her son's side, who is in critical condition at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn.

"Two hemorrhages on his brain, injury to his kidney and his leg is broken," Lamar said.

He was the victim of a hit and run outside the Coppertree Apartments in Taylor. He was discovered when his friend went to pick up him up.

"Two guys were out there and they kind of waved (his friend down) down," said Lamar. "And she said he was on the ground."

"He's a great dad, he loves his kids and is always there for their activities."

Now his kids can't even visit him, with the family told they are too young to visit the Intensive Care Unit.

As for the vehicle that hit Lamar, police say it was a red pick-up, possibly older Dodge truck with tinted windows and faded paint.
Finding whoever is responsible would offer a little comfort for a mom in so much pain.

"I am just praying that someone would come forward and if they saw something," Lamar said. "Or maybe the person that did it, turns themself in."

FOX 2 is told that Syntrell Lamar had just moved into the apartment complex less than a month ago.

Anyone with information should call Taylor police at (734) 287-6611.