Family of teen suspected of crash injuring Good Samaritans offer prayers for victims

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Three people are in critical condition following a horrific series of crashes on a local freeway.

Now the family of the man who crashed into two Good Samaritans stopped at the scene of the an accident is coming to his defense.

"My heart and my prayers go out to everyone involved and please include us in your prayers too," said Steve Toth, the driver's uncle.

Steve Toth is the uncle of 17-year-old Keith Martin - the young man now in a coma who crashed into two Good Samaritans as they tried to help the victims of another accident on I-96 near the Davison Sunday morning.

"He is an innocent kid going to work Sunday morning and I don't know what else to say," Toth said. "He's breaking our hearts - he's sitting up there in a coma."

But he's not the only one seriously hurt. The Good Samaritans he hit include Henry Ford Hospital pulmonologist Dr. Cynthia Ray - and U of D Jesuit track star Sean English, 16, - who lost his foot, has a broken pelvis and broken legs.

"This was a serious accident and there was nobody really at fault, nobody meant to do anything wrong, said Sierra Smith.

Martin's family is reeling after reports from Michigan State Police that items found in Martin's car reveal he may have been drinking. Their toxicology reports are not yet back, but Martin's family says the hospital has told them he wasn't.

The family releasing this statement:

"He was not intoxicated, which was proven by the toxicology reports. He is currently in critical condition and suffers with two brain bleeds and swelling of the brain.

Relatives say Martin works at a coney island restaurant and was just on his way to work - now so many lives changed forever - including his.

"People were in the wrong place, wrong time, type of thing," Smith said. "We want to send our prayers to all the families and victims.

"We're asking to please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers along with the others and we pray too for everyone involved in this tragedy."