Family of Tyler Wingate pleads for attacker to turn self in as community rallies

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A vigil with the Wingate family was held in Berkley Wednesday as the community rallies around a heartbroken family.

The Wingates said they wanted to speak tonight for two reasons - first to remember how Tyler lived, not how he died. More importantly they want to help police catch his killer.

"None of us are really holding up well at the moment," said Jason Wingate, Tyler's brother. "We may piece it together here and there but deep, down inside we are all truly broken."

Tyler Wingate was beaten and left to die in a gas station parking lot. His younger brother bravely spoke for the family the vigil.

"You really don't realize how much love and support you really have until something tragic happens," Jason said. "And that is what we have found here."

Tyler was driving on Detroit's West Side at 2 a.m. Monday morning. He got into a minor accident at Livernois and Davison. 

Gas station surveillance video shows Tyler get out of his car confronted by who police believe is 23-year-old Lawrence Davis.

He allegedly punched Tyler in face - he falls the ground and is repeatedly punched and kicked.

When Tyler was laying lifeless, police say Davis tries to render some kind of aid, checked for a pulse then leaves the scene.

"Lawrence James Davis I am now speaking directly to you," Jason said. "We know you are out there and we know you are watching and I want you to see the damage you have done, not only to my family but the community itself."

Detroit Police say Davis didn't have a valid license - and the car he was driving wasn't his. Now he's on the run. 


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"I hope that by seeing our impact on our family you will take it upon yourself to turn yourself in," Jason said.

White ribbons are tied on trees in Berkley to remember Tyler, who just moved to Detroit, buying a fixer upper in the Boston Edison district. 

"Everybody knew Tyler's name they all said 'Hi Tyler' he talked to everybody," said Sharlee Wingate, his mother. "He loved the city and he wasn't just there for one night."

The close family of six, is now holding themselves together with just five.  

"It is something that happens every single day and you never expect it to happen to you," Jason said. "But it's here and it goes to show the things we need to change in our world today."

 To donate to the family's GoFundMe page CLICK HERE.