Family of victim killed in hit and run minibike crash want justice

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A hit and run leaves a a young man dead.

Detroit police are still looking for that driver, who ditched the car and ran from the scene, while the victim's family is mourning their loss.

Someone knows something.

"This is not snitching this is bringing closure to the family," says Lynette Cleveland, the victim's godmother.
That's what the family of 29-year Patrick Gully told FOX 2, two days after he was hit and killed while riding his mini bike. The driver ran off.  
"We couldn't believe it, even right now we can't believe it," Cleveland said.
A mangled mess is that is left of Gully's minibike. At about 11 p.m.  Fourth of July night, Gully was hit from behind on Tireman approaching Stahelin by a man in a silver, 2014 Dodge Charger. 
"Someone noticed he was dead down there, so they all ran down there except for the person who hit him," said a witness.
Witnesses say it a was a gruesome scene - and one woman covered Gully him up with a blanket before police got there.  But, the driver of that Charger was long gone. 
"He went down there, looked and took off," said the witness.
"I don't how someone can be so cruel, and leave a human that you hit, laying in the street," Cleveland said.
Gully's Godmother, Lynette Cleveland calling whoever did this heartless.
Police say the car wasn't stolen and had a temporary license plate.

"He's out there enjoying his life why we trying to repair ours," said the victim's sister, Lanee Little.
The family says they need someone to step up and admit what they did for them to have closure. 
"We hope and pray that you have a heart that pumps blood, real human blood," Cleveland said. "And turn yourself in."

Anyone with information should contact Detroit police at (313) 596-5400 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.