Family says neighbor fatally shot a dog over chicken coop

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A family in southwest Detroit says its dog was shot and killed by a neighbor on the fourth of July.
Family members say the dog was chasing after the neighbor's chickens and the neighbor shot the dog. They are outraged tonight about why this happened.

"I said please don't shoot him, he's just a puppy, he's playing," said Rosa Maria. "Please don't shoot my dog, give me a chance, I'll catch him.'

"'Please don't shoot him he's just a puppy.'"

But despite begging Rosa Maria says she watched her neighbor blast her dog, Chucho, who was not even 1-year-old yet.

"My dog I guess he knew he was shot, and he ran right back into the yard up on the back porch," she said.

By the time the husky got to the porch, Rosa Maria says, the poor thing collapsed.

"I didn't know he was shot, he went running back to the back yard and he died right there," she said.

And now her grandson who lost his mom and dad, has to bury someone else he considered part of the family.
"We bought him a puppy for Christmas and he loses the dog to a heartless killer," said the boy's uncle. "He murdered this dog in cold blood after my mom begged and pleaded with him she was trying to get him. And now my nephew is in mourning again. Over his dog."

Chucho’ s family says his death comes down to their neighbor's animals. 

Rosa Maria says Chucho was chasing the many chickens and roosters in the back yard across the alley.