Family scrambles for down payment money as landlord readies to sell their home

Home is where the heart is, and for Lasondra Singleton, it's also where good neighbors are nearby. They are trying to help the Singletons stay in the house they've called home for 13 years.

"This right here is what makes me want to stay on this block forever," she said.

The landlord told Singleton he planned to sell it and have them move out this summer. For some of her children, the house on Fisher Street in Warren, is all they've ever known.

"This house is just, it's just too many memories here," said daughter Shantelle Gross.

Memories of her 12-year-old brother KJ, chief among them.

"This was the last picture he took before he went into the hospital for the long-term," Singleton said.

He died in 2018 after a life-long fight with leukimia.

"We created that memorial tree over there," Singleton said.. "We - I - don't want to leave, because I feel like his spirit lives here. And I don't want to be separated from his spirit, and the tree means a lot to everybody. And people come through and we've got green light bulbs because his favorite color was green.

"It would be hard to walk away from so any memories that we have here," Singleton said. "It would just really be hard to just  leave here."

Lasondra ended up cutting a deal with the landlord: he would allow her to the buy the house if she could cover the monthly payments.  The only issue was coming up with the cash for the down payment of $15,000.

"Immediatley what is the solution what can we do, what do we need to do," said Lindsey Parton.

Neighbors Lindsey and Jonathan Parton helped set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the Singletons.

Lasondra Singleton.

Lasondra Singleton.

Another neighbor, Domonique Guin Teague, who owns a juicing business, set up a lemonade stand and donated the proceeds to help out with the downpayment as well.

Other neighbors also chipping in to keep the Singletons in the neighborhood.

"The Singletons - when I first met them, when I first moved here on Fisher, loving, kind, friendly," said neighbor Virginia Duncan. "You could see the spirit of the Lord there."

All in all, they've raised more than $5,000 for the Singletons.

"I believe that it's important to reach out and be available to help them - rather than the government or somebody else to come help us," Jonathan said. "These are our people and the people you live around become like your family."

"The Singletons, nobody deserves this more than them," said Lindsey. "This is their home, they help everybody. They are kind to everybody and I just love them so much."

The Singletons in front of their family home they are trying to save.

The Singletons in front of their family home they are trying to save.

"I need my village," said Singleton. "My village has been here for me and my kids and they keep showing their commitment to my family. I love my community. God put us here for a reason. He knew what he was doing. I feel like we need to stay here."

If you would like to donate to the Singletons' GoFundMe Page CLICK HERE.