Family seeking answers in Canton Twp. cemetery mystery

One family unable to get a straight answer from a cemetery in Canton Township has been left in the dark when it comes to exactly where their loved one was buried.

Ashley Hooper says trying to find exactly where her infant daughter is buried has taken an emotional toll on her, so her sister contacted FOX 2 for help.

"I can't even go up there anymore because I don't know if that's my baby or not," Hooper said.

Mariah Fowler was just three weeks old when she passed away in 2014.

She was buried in Knollwood Cemetery in Canton, but her family says they don't feel certain they know exactly where she is. They say every time they went to the cemetery they were told she was in a different area.

"We want to actually be there visiting her, make sure that this is her," said Brittany Hopper.

Part of the confusion may lie in the fact that the cemetery changed ownership a few months after Fowler was buried.

Employees didn't want to talk on camera but they went through paperwork and took us out to what they say is the baby's grave-site.

In fact, the family says it's the same grave site they were shown earlier this year, but they still don't believe that's where Fowler is buried.

"He stated that that was her. He was certain that that was her. How can we know that this is her?" Brittany said.

"I definitely need closure," Ashley said.

After telling the cemetery director about Hooper's concerns, he assured FOX 2 this is indeed the spot where Fowler is buried.