Family wants police to investigate allegedly abusive aunt

Leondria Lippett was driving down Kelly and Moross in Detroit this weekend when she thought she saw a mother disciplining her teenage daughter on the side of the road.

"Once I [saw] the little girl on the ground and I [saw] the lady standing on top of her, and I looked up and I said, 'No, that's something else,'" Lippett remembers. She pulled over immediately and says she ran over and confronted the woman, who she says was hitting the girl. 

"Her face was just bloody. So I helped the little girl up and was like, 'Are you okay?' And she was like, 'No, she keeps beating on me,'" Lippett says. "So the lady was like, 'That's my daughter,' but she was like, 'I'm not your daughter!'"

Lippett says another woman who witnessed the beating also pulled over after watching the young teen getting hit inside the car. As that car approached a red light, she jumped out to escape. 

After witnesses called police, Lippett learned that little girl s 13-year-old Dacia and the woman is her aunt. Dacia's father, Bobbie Moore, says he'd given his mother temporary legal guardianship over his daughter so she could attend Wayne-Westland schools. He says Dacia's aunt was also staying in the home. 

Moore says after visiting with him that day, Detroit police made Dacia return to her grandmother's house.

"My daughter told the police officers, 'Please, do not let me go with her. They going to jump on me.' They said she has to still go. They made her leave with my sister, and not ten minutes later ... my daughter was coming back [with] a bunch of bruises, lacerations, bloody nose," says Moore. 

Desperate, Moore called police again - and FOX 2 - wanting to know why Dacia's aunt has not been arrested. 

"When there's an imminent threat with a child, you protect the child first. And they failed to do that," Moore says. 

Detroit police came out Wednesday to follow up with Moore, and allowed Dacia to stay with him as they investigate. 

Now, Moore is just simply grateful to those who stopped and helped his daughter.