Family's beloved Yorkie stolen in Detroit home break-in

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When thieves broke into a Detroit house they had to have seen photos of the family's dog on the wall, and custom pillowcases with his face printed on them.

But still it didn't stop them from stealing their beloved pet.

"We are just working, average people why take what little we do have, especially our dog?" said owner Jocelyn Allen.

It's been much quieter the last 24 hours at Jocelyn Allen's home on the west side off Roselawn. Her family's treasured dog Rajah was stolen in broad daylight.

"My brother came him and saw it was vandalized, he stepped back and called for the dog and he didn't come," said Allen.

Three guys broke through a window got inside stealing jewelry, a coin collection and their 5-and-a-half-pound Yorkshire terrier.

"He's our loved one, we love him, we just want him back we have a hole in our heart," she said.

Rajah has been a part of their family for 5 years and helped them through some dark days.

"Yesterday was actually the 27th anniversary of my father's death so it was a double whammy," Allen said.

A nearby business caught the guys on surveillance camera right before they broke in around 3 o'clock Monday afternoon.

They pull up in what looks like a mid-2000's Dodge Caravan, possibly dark green.

The three suspects get out and walk right for the house.

"They just go in and take what they want they don't even care," Allen said.

Jocelyn says it looks like they were casing her home and waited for them to leave.

Now she's wondering, what they wanted with Rajah.

"I know Yorkies are a hot commodity and can be sold. He's a boy so maybe to breed him," she said.

They're putting up these missing posters and taking to social media. They just want him home no questions asked.

"Don't hurt him, treat him nice, just please, whatever you do treat him well," Allen said.

Rajah does have a microchip, so he can be tracked.

Anyone with tips can call: (323) 270-9297 or contact online with the email: