Fans at Eastern Market prepare for World Cup Final after USA's semifinal win over England

How might one describe the atmosphere at an Eastern Market bar Tuesday afternoon?

How about: insane.

"I dress up like this for every game," said one woman, trying hard to embody that atmosphere.

"This" is an understatement. If someone dunked her in a vat of red white and blue paint, she wouldn't look as patriotic as she did at Thomas Magee's Sporting House Whiskey Bar Tuesday.

She's adorning temporary tattoos of a soccer ball and an American flag on her cheek, a stylish cowboy hat with the American flag emblazoned on the top. Along with the United States jersey is an always needed scarf - a staple for any soccer fan.

"Go USA!" she screams, index finger pointing back at the camera.

Take that character, amplify it by the hundreds and you'll match the celebratory moods many fans found themselves in during the semifinal game between the United States and England. Everyone's a fan of something though. Why were these fans in attendance at the local bar?

"Because it's a beautiful game," said one man.

"I just love the way the game goes and how it flows," said a kid.

Fans aren't usually blessed with such a forgiving timeslot for their favorite sports team however. International friendlies not played stateside kick off early in the morning.

"Most of the year, the professional game is over early morning in England and Spain, and if you're going to have drinks in the morning, you might as well come to Eastern Market," said another visitor.

Contrast the craze of the American fans with one of the lone English fans in attendance. Instead of a mug of beer, she's cradling a Sparking Rose because "we're fancy."

"Would have liked a cup of tea, but they don't have it." she said.

Seating is limited and reservations aren't allowed at Thomas Magee's bar. That means you'll have to get their early if you want a good seat on Sunday - on account of the United States 2-1 win.