Fans want answers after Guy is a no-show for 105.9 Kiss-FM concert

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Guy, the chart topping  R&B group from the late 1980s to early 1990s, broke hearts Saturday by not appearing for their show.

One of the artists that was to appear is pointing the blame at the concert's promoter, the promoter is pointing the blame right back.

Members Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall would not take the stage for the 105.9 Kiss Fest at Freedom Hill - a show they were supposedly headlining.

FOX 2: "Do you feel ripped off?"

"Yes," one woman said.

"We get all the way to the end and no Teddy Riley, no Guy, no Aaron Hall," said Lachelle Peeples. The lights come on, everyone is booing and all we have to do is leave. No excuse, no nothing."

Riley responded to fans' comments from fans on social media saying Guy was never a part of the show and never signed a contract.

FOX 2: "To that you say what?"

"I say then why is the contract right here, signed," said Keia Perry Farr.

Farr is from New Day Entertainment, the production company behind the concert.  She says Riley's manager signed the contract so he would perform at the Kiss Fest.  And that New Day paid Riley a $10,000 deposit for his $41,000 gig.

"We have never had an issue like this with an artist just not showing up, not saying anything," she said. "And then attempting to berate us on social media."

Farr says there was a separate contract for Aaron Hall - another member of Guy. Kiss 105.9, the concert's sponsor released a statement on its Facebook page Sunday night saying:
"Radio One is very disappointed about the events that occurred last evening. We are working with the promoter to analyze the outcome and is taking your comments and concerns very seriously. We will provide a joint statement at the appropriate time."

The manager of Guy called FOX 2 late Monday to say that the concert's promoter was told that Aaron Hall would not be able to perform because of an injury. Teddy Riley was set to perform Saturday night with the group Blackstreet. Once Riley saw that Guy was being advertised as the headliner and for that reason the manager said he chose not to perform here.

The manager says that there is an effort underway to work with the promoter to have another Guy show at a later date.