Fatal motel fire kills mother and five children in Berrien County

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"I'm just so sad for him right now. How do you lose your wife and kids."

Fatal motel fire leaves a dad and his one-year-old daughter without the child’s 26-year old mother and five other brothers and sisters ranging from 2-10 years old.

"All these people are worried about their things, this man lost 5 kids and his wife of 10 years."

Crews got to the Cosmo Extended Stay Motel Saturday around 1:45 in the morning, taking hours to get the massive blaze out which impacted the entire building. 

"As I woke up next to me my bed was on fire."

Only time will tell what ignited the deadly inferno, but the state fire marshal and ATF can confirm no accelerants were used. 

However, Leroy Johnson who lives at the motel thinks it may have started in his room. 

"I said oh my God… oh my god I get the sheet, I wet them, I tried to throw it on the bed and as I throw it on the bed, it didn't work. So I asked the person above me for some salt, I throw the salt on there, I hurry up and jump out, once I jump out the whole room explode," Johnson said.

Everyone else in the 27 occupied rooms got out, they have their lives but so much of what they used to live is now ash and charred debris. 

"We lost our clothes, shoes, money cards, food, and everything, but at least we still alive, we didn’t lose our lives like the unfortunate people. Those babies being brought out lifeless, I mean the only time I seen a dead body was at a funeral but that was horrible, heartbreaking actually," resident Michael Powell said.

The autopsies confirmed that mom and her 5 kids died from smoke inhalation.

Dad, baby and 2 other people were treated for smoke inhalation and released from the hospital. Four first responders were also treated and released.