Father in custody after wife, children found dead in Eastpointe (UPDATED)

A mother and her two children were found murdered Monday and the father has been arrested for the crime.

Details are emerging about a history of violence in the house on Cushing Street in Eastpointe.

In the photos are the smiling faces of 8-year-old Timothy and 2-year-old Celeste Fradeneck. 

Eastpointe police say they were killed just a week before their birthdays along with their 37-year-old mother Christie, Monday night.

The police have not officially charged Christie Fradeneck's husband yet and no details on cause of death has been released.

Neighbors heard the reaction from a family member.  

"I heard screaming and it woke me up," said neighbor Donna Oliver. "I just heard 'My babies, my babies.'" 

Friends say Christie on Monday night was supposed to go to a party at 6 p.m. When she didn't arrive, her sister came by an hour later, noticing both cars in the driveway knocking, pounding. They received no answer.

"We went knocking on windows and doors and didn't get any response," said Dan Roberts, a neighbor. 

Calling police, they say Christie's 37-year-old husband, also the father of Timothy and Celeste, was immediately arrested. 

Neighbors said he was inside with their dead bodies alone, for hours.

"He looked like he was out of it," Roberts said. "He looked like he didn't know what was going on."

Many shocked neighbors say Christie and her husband seemed happy, approaching their 16-year-anniversary next week.

"I would see the children playing and of couse him out here doing his yard work," Oliver said. "And everything was normal. You never heard any arguing or fighting."

Eastpointe police say they haven't had any recent reports of domestic violence at this address, as neighbors only described a small argument just before.

"She came out yelling give me my son or something," said neighbor Wesley Schwamb. "What happened after that, only he knows."

Court documents show Christie and her husband experienced financial problems in 2011, filing for bankruptcy. Records also showed he was charged with domestic violence back in 2009, pleading guilty.

"That's the only time I've ever seen him get physical with anybody," Roberts said. 

As neighbors are in disbelief, both families are asking for privacy during this difficult time, the family of Christie Fradeneck releasing this statement in part, saying

"This is a very close and loving family and their utter shock and grief cannot even be put into words. They truly appreciate the outpouring of love and support that is being given to them."

The GoFundMe Account is: http://gofundme.com/Christiefradeneck