FBI director in Detroit talks terror: 'If you see something, say something'

The head of the FBI was in Detroit meeting with local law enforcement.

Director James Comey relayed what the feds are doing to combat terrorism and radicalization.

"Please don't freak out, that is exactly what these savages want you to do," said Comey.

Comey was talking terrorism, counterterrorism and the threat of ISIS and radicals reaching out to Americans through social media, encouraging them to come to Syria and fight - or stay home and wreak havoc.

"Trying to encourage those who can't travel to stay and kill where they are, kill anyone - somebody in the military or law enforcement best of all, serve the so-called Islamic state by killing in your community," Comey said.

It is a message difficult for law enforcement to detect because of encryption.

"This twin prong message 'Come or kill' is sent out through Twitter primarily, and resonates across the United States with troubled souls," Comey said. "It is the reason we have investigations all over the country, trying to understand where people are, on the path from consuming to acting."

It is the kind of action terrorists are taking overseas.

"We are seeing the fruits of that threat in Paris and in Brussels and that foreign fighter diaspora is something that we worry about an awful lot in the FBI. We have not yet seen a manifestation of that threat yet in the United States but it is something we watch constantly."

Balancing that watchful eye with the rights of Americans is tricky. On Tuesday two lawsuits were filed on behalf of 18 people who say they've been placed on terror watch lists for no reason.

"People who think there's a mistake ought to have an opportunity to alert us to it and I guess I'll say what's obvious, we don't want people on any watch list that don't have a negative association because it wastes enormous amounts of our time," Comey said. "It's stupid."

Comey with this advice for navigating these uncertain times...advice given to his own children.

"Understand that there is danger in this world and you seek to be aware of it but not disabled by the fear," he said.

The director stressed the importance of local law enforcement and every citizen remaining alert and vigilant - if you see something - say something.