FBI, police dig for remains expected to last entire week in Macomb Twp

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It was a long day for about 45 investigators hoping to unearth decades-old evidence and possibly remains of four to six missing girls.

Although nothing has been discovered yet, officials say they feel optimistic about the search. 

"I think sometimes even if we don't find something, we have an answer," said Mara Schneider, FBI special agent. 

The hot sun as well as muddy and overgrown land here on 23 Mile Road just west of North Avenue in Macomb Township on Tuesday.

"We've done a lot of work in advance to clear so that it would be more accessible for us," Schneider said.

The FBI assisted Warren police, Canton police, the Macomb County Sheriff's office and Michigan State Police, to find the remains of 12-year-old Kimberly King - who went missing in Warren back in 1979 along with four to six other girls. 

The remains of 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki - who disappeared in 1986 out of Eastpointe was found in the area in 2008. But a search for other remains in May of last year was unsuccessful.

"There's got to be something to it or they will be out there, a lot of space to cover. They must know something," said Rob Schindler, who lives near the dig site.

The prime suspect: 70-year-old Arthur Ream. He is serving a life sentence for Zarzycki's Murder. Ream has been known to be uncooperative with police after telling them where to find Zarzycki's remains.

"I just think it's super shocking to find out someone who lives in this community could do something that horrific," said Renee Williams. "He's a very disgusting person."

But police say since last year's search - they've gotten more information from Ream along with tips - and resources.

"The Warren Fire Department has come out to help us clear trees, there is a lot of people involved in this," Schneider said.

Sources say the experts with the non-profit NecroSearch International have discovered four or five possible burial spots for crews to focus on. And so far they've had to dig roughly three to five feet deep.

Neighbors in the area hoping that if those missing girls are out there, they are found soon.

The search is expected to last all week.